Police: Jeep believed to be involved in Center City hit-and-run recovered

FOX 29 cameras were there as accident investigators swabbed for DNA and dusted for fingerprints inside a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon after it was seized by Collingdale police in connection with a fatal hit-and-run that killed 53-year-old Ann Broderick on Race Street in Center City last week.

"The lady deserves justice," the victim's friend Mike Maltman said.

Investigators say they found the jeep in a parking lot and towed it to the police garage after a tip. Police executed a search warrant looking for hair, fibers, blood, fingerprints and other evidence. DNA was recovered from the right front wheel well and there was damage to the fender.

Last week, police released a picture of the truck and the suspected driver. A search warrant obtained by FOX 29 names the owner as Zaire Glover who owns an electrical company where the truck was found.
Sources say he told police he was not driving on the night in question.

"The lady didn't deserve to die. Get hit like that," Maltman added.

"A lot of us were expecting them to write this off as another homeless Jane Doe and move on," friend Steve Mohnasky explained.

The search warrant states that surveillance video shows the driver and three occupants of the jeep left the fatal crash scene. Video also put the vehicle and the occupants three blocks away at the Jade Harbor restaurant at 10th and Race in Chinatown with the truck parked on 10th while the four men sat down to eat.

"To go out and eat Chinese food after you kill somebody and let her die in the street. It's really ridiculous," Maltman added.

"Going out to eat that's just kind of cold hearted," Mohnasky said.

Police say video and facial recognition software also helped identify another man in the vehicle. Zaire Glover refused to answer questions when we reached him by phone and referred us to his lawyer who he would not name. No one has been arrested or charged in the fatal hit-and-run.