Police looking for man accused of unlawful entry into 1,000 cars in Bucks County, parts of N.J.

Police are searching for a man accused of unlawful entry into at least 1,000 vehicles throughout Bucks County and parts of New Jersey.

"It's concerning. It's totally wrong," said Bob Sill. He and his wife Julie are reacting to the man in a video released by police. 

Police say the man has gotten into 1,000 cars over the past year to steal items. Oh but wait. Technically he's not breaking in. It’s unlawful entry police say because the car doors were left unlocked. 

"You gotta be kidding me? You leave your cars unlocked? I don't even understand that," said Julie Sill.

Buckingham Township police released the video from various security cameras belonging to victims. They say the guy in the video has been busy over the past year making the rounds in parts of Western New Jersey and Bucks County hitting nearly every municipality from Hilltown Township to Yardley.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson showed the video to the Sills out in Newtown.

"I don't think he should be stealing but I mean you lock your door at your home don't you? I don't get it," said Julie.

Police say the incidents date back to September of last year. Several cars in several neighborhoods. They've linked this guy because they say he was wearing the same clothes in multiple videos. 

He also carries a satchel style bag. Police also point out he has a distinctive walk and ran when fleeing the scene. 

"I'm just surprised that how that person knows that this car is unlocked. I mean he's checking each and every car?" said Shweda Patel. She and her husband Dharmesh say they always lock their doors and they teach their kids to as well. 

"My daughter just got her license so I always teach her that before you get out from the car make sure all four doors are locked. Even though there is technology, technology can fail anytime," said Dharmesh Patel. 

Police the suspect has gotten away with things like vehicle registrations, insurance cards, credit cards, loose change, and small items like sunglasses. He wears a dark- colored sweatsuit, dark gaiter mask, orange and white Nike sneakers. 


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