Police: Man acted as gas company employee, entered woman's home

MOUNT AIRY (WTXF) - Police are looking for a man they say broke into a 96 year-old woman's home. On July 8 th the woman was in her home on the 6900 block of Crittenden Street when a stranger rang her doorbell. The man claimed he was a Philadelphia Gas Works employee and that there was a gas leak contaminating the water line in the street and that he needed to shut off the source inside of her home.

Police say the woman refused to let the man into her home, after she was unable to see the ID card the man had shown her, and noticed he was not wearing a Gas Works uniform. After she refused to let him in, he began talking on a walkie talkie and threatened to shut her gas off. The woman eventually opened her door slightly in an attempt to get her mail when the suspect pushed her door open, swiftly walking past her to "check water pressure" on the first and second story of the house.

The woman called the police and the man left her bedroom, fleeing the residence. After checking her bedroom, the woman noticed her diamond ring was missing.

Police describe the suspect as a 5'8" 35-40 year-old white male with brown hair and a close cut beard. At the time of the incident he was wearing a dark colored baseball cap with "COBRA" and "KING" written on it in white letters and a King Cobra in the shape of an "S" with a crown on the back. He was also wearing a light blue and white multicolored striped button down shirt and sunglasses. It is also possible that the suspect has a speech impediment or an accent.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact: Northwest Detective Division: 215-686-3353/3354 Det. Winward 8070 DC 16-14-055222