Police: Man Confronts Armed Suspect in Olney Home Invasion

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) There were scary moments Thursday night inside a home in Philadelphia's Olney section. A teenage girl was home alone when an armed man thinking no one was there bust down the door and began ransacking the place, according to police. Police think the man was after money. The suspect got some money at first, but that's when his luck ran out, police say.

It happened on the 5800 block of North 4th Street around 6:30 p.m.

Police say the 21-year-old suspect kicked in the back door of the house. The 17-year-old girl ran upstairs, hid and immediately called her 21-year-old brother who had just left moments earlier. Once inside, the suspect then broke another door into a downstairs bedroom, and according to police, tore through that room and found $150.

Around then, the brother arrived home and confronted the armed suspect. and it got bloody, but the suspect's gun was never fired, police say. The 21-year-old brother was able to hold down the armed man until police arrived a few minutes later.

The brother and sister are okay, but the suspect is hospitalized at Einstein with minor injuries to his face.

"Our advice is never to confront, never to physically engage an individual that's committing a crime," said Chief Inspector Scott Small. "In this case, the 21-year-old resident came to protect his sister, and when he returned to his home where he lives he found this 21-year-old burglar in his property."

The suspect has not been identified yet. Police say he will face charges of armed robbery and assault. Police are not looking for any other suspects.