Police : Man high on synthetic drug, calls himself 'Thor' and has sex with tree

(WTXF-TV FOX 29 Philadelphia) Melbourne, FL- A man from Melbourne Florida was arrested Friday after having sex with a tree, according to police.

Kenneth Crowder, 41, was allegedly high on flakka, a synthetic drug, when witnesses saw him running naked through the Brevard County neighborhood, and engaging in a sex acts with a tree.

When authorities approached Crowder, he declared himself to be God and tried to attack the officer. The officer used a Taser in an attempt to subdue the enraged man, but Crowder ripped the probes from his body.

Crowder also attempted to punch the officer, and stab him with his own badge, according to the Huffington Post.

Mid altercation, Crowder referred to himself as ‘Thor.'

Crowder is being charged with two counts of resisting an officer with violence, battery, assault, and aggravated assault.