Police: Man lured teenage girl to car, showed her pornography

Police are searching for a man in Hamilton, N.J. after he allegedly lured a teenage girl to his car and showed her pornography Saturday afternoon.

Investigators say the incident took place on Harrison Street and Lafayette Avenue.

The man pulled up in a white Ford Escape and called the girl over to his car to ask for directions. That is when police say the man held up his phone which had pornography playing on it.

According to detectives, the man asked the minor if she was wearing a bra and requested she come closer to him.

Police say the girl ran to a nearby store where a witness called police.

Officials describe the suspect as a bald white man in his mid-30's with blue eyes and a gray beard. He was wearing a white buttoned-down shirt with a possible stripped pattern.

Anyone with information on the incident or the suspect's whereabouts is urged to call Hamilton police 609-581-4008.