Police: Man steals credit cards from purses in movie theaters

Police are warning the public of a man accused of taking credit cards from purses in movie theaters in Jenkintown and Upper Merion.

"I couldn't see somebody able to get my wallet out of my purse, then open my wallets and get my credit card out of my wallet," said Alicia Moss. But investigators say that's exactly what's happening.

Jenkintown police say a man is going into movie theaters and stealing bank or credit cards right out of purses while the victim is focused on the big screen.

"Victims were leaving their purses on the floor unguarded and our suspect came up and would go to the seat in the row behind them and take the wallet out and take the banking cards out."

Detective Dave Sangree has been working the case for about a month.

"This guy knows what he's doing. He always is wearing a hat, keeps his phone up by his face and keeps his head down," says

Police say so far the thief has struck at Hiway Theater on York Road in Jenkintown and Imax in Upper Merion. Police say surveillance video shows him later using the credit cards at Harrah's Casino plus Target and Rite Aid to buy cellphones and gift cards. Police believe two women also seen in the video were just tagging along but say the man is the primary suspect. We told Aaron Moss and his family about it as they walked by the theater.

"Doesn't surprise me at all honestly. People find new ways to do stuff like that every day. No it doesn't surprise me at all," said Moss. Dan Reynolds has been to Hiway Theater many times and will be even more alert after hearing this.

"It's a shame. It's a great place to go. It's a place you want to go and relax. It's hard to hear that people are sneaking in and grabbing cards. It's sad to hear," said Reynolds. Police point out each time the suspect is wearing a white and gold baseball hat with gap written on it in black letters. They say he's racked up charges up to $5,000.