Police: Man steals donation jar, attacks librarian in Darby

A librarian is in the hospital after someone attacked her at the Darby Library. Police say the attacker was after the money jar.

"She's a beautiful person," Darby Library employee Susan Schell said.

Schell says everyone at the Darby Library is upset over the violent attack Wednesday of their cherished children's librarian Joyce Anderson Taylor.

"They call her grandma cause she's a grandma and a great-grandmom and they love her. They love her, yup." Schell explained.

The 60-year victim was coming into work around 10 a.m. in the morning with her 6-year-old great-grandson when police say 40-year-old Terrell Carter went after her as she was walking up the stairs.

"He see her, he grabs her, pushes her completely down the steps," Upper Darby Police Chief Robert Smythe said.

The victim was shoved so hard she wound up outside on the landing.

Police say Carter, who is a regular at the library, got away with a 5 gallon donation jar, which was filled with coins and dollar bills that he just swiped from the front desk area The library put the jar out in February to raise money as it celebrates 275th anniversary.

"He knew the money was in there because he was always in there--probably a couple hundred dollars in there," Captain Smythe said.

Police thought they spotted Carter earlier Thursday outside the library but it turned out to be a false alarm. Investigators believe Carter is homeless and say he has an extensive criminal history.

"A lot of it is threats and violence so we believe he is a dangerous person," Captain Smythe said.

Miss Joyce--as she's known at the library--is still in the hospital and her friends at the library are hoping she makes a quick recovery.