Police: Man stole ex-girlfriend's Yorkie and tortured it, sending videos to her

Police are looking for a Detroit man with a violent history wanted on new charges for animal abuse and torture.

The video is hard to watch and listen to, an eight-pound Yorkie being slammed into a cabinet and then thrown to the bathroom floor. It was then beaten with an iron fireplace poker all while the abuser yells at her to shut up.

The suspect is 55-year-old Julius Holley of Detroit - now on the run. It's alleged he broke into his ex-girlfriend's home and stole her dog, Lil' Baby, then proceeded to torture the dog and send these videos to his ex-girlfriend - threatening her and her beloved pet.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced charges against Julius Holley.

"Ultimately the dog was left in a bucket next to the former girlfriend and was taken to Michigan Humane to ensure he could not be abused again," Nessel said. "Animal abuse is cruel and sadistic, and it's also a crime that's often associated with other serious criminal activity, including domestic violence and abuse.

"In Michigan, individuals that torture or kill a pet with the intent to cause mental suffering or distress to a person or to exert control over a person are guilty of a felony up to 10 years in prison."

The attorney general says the relatively new law recognizes this important link - and she's reminding victims of domestic violence who won't leave an abusive situation because of a pet, that there is help.

"Michigan Humane provides a safety net pet fostering program for people who need a temporary, safe place to house their pets," Nessel said.

Lil Baby is alive and being treated for her injuries at an undisclosed location.

Holley s now facing charges of home invasion, animal torture, larceny, and stalking.

He has prior convictions for domestic violence, sexual assault, and resisting and obstructing - anyone who knows where he is - is asked to call the police immediately - he is considered extremely dangerous.

Julius Holley

Julius Holley, left, is being sought for abusing and torturing his ex-girlfriend's Yorkie.