Police: Man stole wallets at church on Easter Sunday

Police say a man took people's wallets at church in South Jersey on Easter Sunday.

"I think it's pretty messed up but I'm not surprised."

Lisa Mooney has frequented services at Beacon Church in Galloway Township. Police say a man went into the church on Easter Sunday of all days and swiped people's wallets.

She's disappointed.

"Not surprised at all with the way this world's going and the way that children are getting raised these days. There's no discipline in the world anymore. You can't do anything so everybody's running wild," Mooney said.

Galloway Township Police released a picture of the suspect and have identified him as 26-year-old Christopher Dumoulin of Egg Harbor City. Detectives say he entered Beacon Church around noon Easter Sunday went into the nursery and took two wallets plus a cell phone charger before leaving the building.

Residents tell FOX 29 the crime happened in a centerpiece of the community that does so much for people in need.