Police: Man Targeted in North Philadelphia Community Center Shooting

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say they are trying to track down a shooter who targeted a man outside a North Philadelphia community center. His family says he was trying to turn his life around.

Workers inside the Hero Community Center at 17th and Tioga were scrambling for cover just 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon when a lone gunman let go a volley of shots from just a few feet away.

While everyone in the community center was spared from the gunfire, 22-year-old Hanyth Harmon was shot multiple times outside. He was rushed to Temple Hospital in critical condition.

Harmon had just left the center after a job orientation program. He was waiting outside for his father to pick him up, when the gunman came to the corner and began blasting away, according to police.

The Hero Community Center runs programs for young men and woman trying to turn their lives around. Harmon had just started a new job Monday through a program there. The job orientation session at the center is a requirement to continue the work program.

Police say it appears Harmon was targeted. They recovered surveillance video and six shell casings at the scene, along with a gun.They're trying to determine if the gunman may have been involved in other shootings in the area.