Police officer helps mom deliver baby at home in New Jersey

A New Jersey police officer had a night on the job that she won't soon forget after she helped a woman in labor deliver a healthy baby. 

Robbinsville Police Officer Allison Ricci responded to a home for reports of a woman in labor Thursday morning around 3:50 a.m. She was expecting to help the woman get ready for an ambulance to take her to the hospital, but the situation was too far along. 

"I found mom sitting in the bathroom. I could see she's very much in pain. I could see she was sweating, she's ready," Officer Ricci said. "I walk in saw the situation I knew from my training and experience as an EMT and an instructor that this was it."

Ricci helped guide the mom through the delivery and just eight minutes after responding to the home, 9 pound, 21 inch long Oliver Chase was born.

Ricci said mom and the baby are doing well and will be back home soon. 



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