Police officers knowing Spanish, CPR save baby's life

THE BRONX, N.Y. (FOX NEWS-INSIDE EDITION) - A baby girl is recovering thanks to two New York police officers who sprang to action after seeing her turning blue in her mother's arms.

Police say officers Felix Baez and Giovanni Laguna were patrolling a Bronx neighborhood when they saw the woman, Liliana Benigno, running with her child down the street Friday night, yelling "help" in Spanish.

According to Baez, "We saw she was holding a baby and she was yelling 'help me, help me, help my baby.'"

Seeing 1-year-old Ashley Delores unresponsive, Laguna placed her on the ground and began CPR while Baez called for an ambulance. Police say after a minute of CPR, the baby's eyes opened and Laguna felt a faint pulse.

"The training kicked in, and the one thing I was telling myself was just keep calm, keep calm, you know as I was working on her," Baez said.

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