Police: Pair wanted for credit card fraud at South and North Jersey stores

Police say they are searching for a pair wanted for credit card fraud at South and North Jersey stores.

"See here she goes," said the business owner. Surveillance video shows a deceptive duo interested in high end glasses.

"She's reaching kind of telling me what to do here. I think I remember and I'm listening to her," said Barbara Gray. She and her husband Alan owner Clarity Optics in Willingboro and say the couple got them for at least $1200 worth of merchandise.

"It's horrible. It is. It absolutely really hurts deep down inside. It hurts when somebody does something like this to you," said Barbara. They say the woman in the white sweatshirt and wig came into the store and was eventually joined by a man in a blue hat. They wanted three pairs of designer frames on a credit card but there was one problem. Or so they said.

"What she said was we're from Canada and the credit card I'm going to give you is from Canada. Now for some strange reason it didn't even dawn on me that people from Canada and the rest of the world could use credit cards anywhere in the United States," said Barbara.

The video shows the woman walk behind the counter after she told Barbara the transaction needed to be offline so Barbara didn't call the credit card company.

"She's telling me she's going to put her pin number in but she was putting an authorization number," said Barbara. The Gray's say the man left first and soon after the woman bolted out with the glasses before the paperwork was complete.

"If somebody's nice to you then you say good bye or thank you. They said nothing. They just moved out in the truck and away they went," said Alan. The Grays say the credit card company and police immediately confirmed it was fraud.

"Hopefully they can get them before they do a lot of damage," said Alan. Police say the get-a-way truck is a white GMC Denali possibly 2014-2018 model.

Police on the department's Facebook page also said they're investigating the couple for credit card fraud at jewelry stores in Delanco and Mansfield.