Police: Philadelphia parking attendant robbed, shot in Society Hill

Police say they are investigating after a parking attendant was robbed and shot in Society Hill.

Jim and Paula Pappas pulled out of the parking garage on Lombard Street Monday night after a day out in Philadelphia. They were troubled to hear that a parking attendant there had been robbed and shot.

"It's a shame because the guy's only trying to make a living," Pappas told FOX 29.

"Doesn't really make sense," Paula Pappas added.

Cameras were rolling at the garage near Headhouse Square when the suspect walked up and attacked the 52-year-old attendant inside a tiny booth where he works.

"Demands money from him. There's a violent struggle in there. The offender is completely menacing," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew said.

"Coming from nowhere like that really is a shame," Pappas said.

In a matter of seconds, the suspect beat and robbed the employee in a wild melee.

"If that wasn't bad enough he then produces a silver colored handgun and discharges one round--hitting the victim in the arm," Captain Kinebrew added.

"That's a bad thing, a very bad thing," Pappas said

The victim was shot in the arm and left bleeding in the booth as the suspect was caught on camera speeding away from the crime scene in a silver Nissan versa.

"We find him to be very dangerous and we want to get him off the street," Captain Kinebrew said

The robbery and shooting shook up the normally safe neighborhood and patrons who use the parking garage.

"It's a difference in philosophy. It's either I gotta go to work to support my family or I'm gonna go and bash somebody and make it easy. It's a mindset. It's a bad thing," Pappas explained. "Who knows. He's gonna get somebody else."

The victim is recovering from the gunshot wound. He is expected to return to work. Police believe the surveillance video from the scene is good enough that the gunman can be identified. They hope the public will take a look and call them.