Police release sketch of suspect in Moorestown luring incident

Police in Moorestown, New Jersey are investigating an attempted luring.

It was shortly before 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon as a 15-year-old girl made her way down Camden Avenue near Pleasant Valley in Moorestown. Suddenly, a car pulled up next to her and police say a man tried to lure her into the car.

"She was asked if she wanted a ride. She declined at which point the subject offered her money to get in the vehicle," Police Chief Lee Lieber told FOX 29.

The teenager refused and went directly home to tell her parents who called police. Now, investigators are asking the public to help them find a 1997 Ford Taurus and the man behind the wheel.

"An incident like this is very concerning to us. A subject preying on our children," the chief explained.

"You hear about it a lot, all over the place," Butch Marshall, of Moorestown, said.

The attempted luring had neighbors in the area on edge as they learned of the incident and saw the sketch. Marshall lives right near by.

"It's kind of scary in Moorestown cause it's usually a very safe neighborhood," Marshall said.

Police say the teenager not only helped them put together a sketch, but she also remembered some key details about the car in question.

"There's chipped paint on the rear passenger side quarter panel. That's something unique about the vehicle," Chief Lieber said.

The chief wants parents to remind their children how to handle potentially dangerous situations like this.

"Call us right away if something suspicious happens," he advised.

"I'm very concerned with these kids today. With the people out there today. We don't know what's going to happen," Marshall added.

The teenager also told police the car may have had NJ tags. She was not harmed and the man drove off. Police are checking for reports of any similar incidents in surrounding towns.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Moorestown detectives at 856-914-3092 or via email at detectives@moorestownpd.com