Police release staggering crash numbers for Memorial Day weekend

A Wednesday announcement by the Pennsylvania State Police provided statistical insight into a chaotic driving landscape on Memorial Day weekend. 

756 crashes were recorded during the four-day stretch, including six fatal incidents and 181 that resulted in injuries. 

Police say 46 injury-causing crashes were related to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a subset of the department’s 467 weekend DUI arrests. 

Officers also issued 28,036 citations, including nearly 8,000 for speeding, just over 1,000 for failing to wear a seat belt and almost 200 for driving children without safety seats. 

The findings feature 105 more crashes than last year’s Memorial Day weekend, an increase that led to 39 more injuries and two more deaths.

Arrests and citations are down from 2023, however, with 80 fewer DUI arrests and nearly 1,000 fewer citations.