Police Release Surveillance Video of Mayfair Shooting

An elderly woman was shot last Thursday morning during a robbery on the 7100 block of Erdrick Street in the city's Mayfair section.

According to police, the shooting occurred at 10:07 am., as the 75-year-old woman was shot one time in the cheek by an assailant who stole her purse. The victim was taken to Torresdale hospital where she is in stable condition.

Neighbors were disgusted as they heard the news that a 75-year-old woman from just around the corner had been shot in the face after a suspect stole her purse in this Mayfair driveway.

"That's just horrible. It's horrible. i can't believe that's happening here," neighbor Valerie Spatz said.

Police and neighbors say Judy Ritchie was on her way home from this Shoprite when she was approached in this driveway by a man in a silver car.

"He asked her for her moneym grabbed at her, kind of pulled her towards the car, there was a struggle and a shot was fired. she was hit in the face."

"I don;t know what they expect to get out of an elderly woman with a shopping bag in her hand."

The suspect fled with the victim's purse containing $400 and her cell phone. She left a trail of blood as she walked home to her house on the 7200 block of Algard street, where she lives with her elderly husband.

"It's a good two and a half blocks from here to her home, lets her husband know, and puts the groceries away and waits for police to come and take her to the hospital."

"My prayers and my heart go out to the family. i hope she makes a speedy recovery."

Police combed the area for surveillance video, looking for the car and the suspect, while neighbors prayed for one of their own and condemned the violence here.

"It's really getting bad. i can't even take my grandson to the playground over here"

"I wouldn;t want that happening to my mother or anybody I know.

"She was taking the shortcut home and this happens to her. It's a shame."