Police search for duo accused of stealing beauty products from CVS

Police say they are searching for two suspects in connection with a theft at a CVS located at 730 Newark Road in New Garden Township.

According to police, on August 8, a male and female arrived at the store and allegedly stole a total of $451 in beauty care products. The two suspects then fled toward southbound Rt. 41 in a light color Ford Escape, NFI.

Investigators say on August 14, the suspects returned to the same store shortly after 12:30 p.m. and revisited the same aisle. The products had been relocated by employees, so the alleged thieves were thrown off and left the store. They traveled toward southbound Rt. 41 again, and the manager followed but did not successfully get their tag number.

Police have described the male suspect as thin and white, wearing glasses and a white bandana, with scruffy facial hair. The female has been described as heavy-set with dirty blonde hair, wearing a white "BOSS" T-shirt and shorts.

If you or anyone you know has information on these suspects, please contact the SCCRPD at 610-268-2907.