Police search for hit-and-run driver who struck 88-year-old man

Police say an 88-year-old man walked outside to grab his morning newspaper when a driver slammed right into him and kept going.

With cars speeding past the spot where a hit-and-run driver mowed down their husband and father Tammy and Carolyn Lahr wonder how someone could be so heartless to just keep driving.

"Even if it were a dog or cat I would have stopped and to think a person laying there in the street," his wife, Carolyn Lahr, said.

"It's awful. I just wonder how they would feel if someone would hit their parent and just take off," daughter Tammy Lahr said.

That's exactly what happened to 88-year-old Harold Lahr. Police say 6:45 a.m. Thursday morning, Lahr walked to his mailbox across Hecktown Road in Lower Nazareth Township to get his morning paper. But before he could even turn around, Lahr was struck by a passing SUV-- hit so hard the side view mirror came off the car.

"To separate the vehicle assembly from the vehicle you got to know you hit something. Even if you don't know you hit a person you got to know you hit something," Colonial Regional Police Officer Keith Kulp said.

Police say a vehicle parts search of that mirror--that critical piece of evidence--came back to a 2007 to 2009 black Chevy Equinox similar . Now, Colonial Regional police are asking anyone who may know the car or driver to come forward.

The stretch of Hecktown Road is marked at 30 miles an hour, but that's not what we saw.

Mr. Lahr who recently had a massive heart attack is now recovering from a broken arm and a broken ankle.

His wife and daughter are pleading with that driver to turn themselves in.

"I'd tell them they should always stop. Never keep going because you never know you could help somebody and help save their life," his wife, Carolyn Lahr, said.

Mr. Lahr remains in the hospital in serious condition. Investigators are asking anyone who knows of a 2007-2009 black Chevy Equinox with its side view mirror busted off to please call Colonial Regional police.