Police search for serial groper in Princeton

Police in New Jersey are on the hunt for a serial groper. According to investigators, he has targeted women in broad daylight. They believe there could be more victims out there.

Surveillance video shows a man run up behind a woman, walking alone, and grab her fondling her before running away. Police have blocked out the victim's identity with a white graphic.

According to police, the suspect stalked the woman in a neighborhood off Princeton's main commercial strip before pouncing last Wednesday.

And that bold attitude is why police are so concerned. Police Chief Nicholaus Sutter says the man has done this before at least 4 times in 3 years. Always in the busy neighborhood of Moore and Spruce streets. He's sure there are more victims out there.

Now cops got a lucky break--surveillance video that has unmasked this alleged serial groper and a sketch.

Student Carolina and her group of girlfriends say they have never been afraid to walk the street of Princeton during the day until now.

"It's scary you're just walking down the street and someone can just grab you like that," she explained.

Chief Sutter says the groper has targeted women as young as teenagers. Police describe the man as described as 5'8" with brown hair and eyes.