Police search for suspects accused of sucker-punching two men in West Chester

One second he's out on a Saturday night and the next he's knocked out unconscious. Now, police are searching for the men accused of the brutal attack.

"I remember everything up until we went to leave," the victim told FOX 29.

Kyle Lightam doesn't remember much of the night of Cinco De Mayo. A 21st birthday celebration for his brother started out at a West Chester bar but ended up a hospital emergency room for him and his friend Billy.

"You can't just go knocking people out," Lightam said.

West Chester police released pictures of the two men seen in what looks like matching white shirts. Police believe they are responsible for the sucker-punch attack on Gay Street.

"It wasn't a fight. It was just he knocked two guys out that were standing there," Lightam said.

The 24-year-old says there was no confrontation. In fact, the two men police are looking for weren't even inside the bar. He says he was cold-clocked when his hands were in his pocket.

"Some guy just walks out of the group walks over to me and lays me out-- just clocks me--and I go down," Lightam explained.

Lightam was knocked out cold. His wallet taken and with staples just removed from his head he is still suffering the effects of the concussion and still not back to work full-time.

Meanwhile, his friend Billy spent days in the hospital. His jaw is wired shut for a month--he couldn't even do an interview Tuesday night but both wanted to tell their story in hopes of identifying their attackers.

"I guess the message is you can't get away with it. We have him on video and they're going to deal with the consequences,"Lightam said.