Police Search for Suspects in Jewelry Store Armed Robbery

PHILADELPHIA-(WTXF)-Police say they are searching for two armed robbers accused of robbing a jewelry store in South Philadelphia.

The robbery happened at Royal Jewelry Shop in South Philadelphia this week just before closing time. Two armed robbers attacked the store owner and robbed the place, according to police.

"They punched the complainant in the face, tied him up, and begin to rob the store," said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford.

Customers and the shop owner's neighbors in Girard Estates were stunned by the violent holdup and worried for the 54- year-old man, who has now been robbed three times.

One woman who asked FOX 29 to conceal her identity says saw the alleged robbers making their escape with the owner in pursuit.

"While he was chasing them he was yelling for them to come back. They jumped inside the gold car and they sped off," she told FOX 29.

Investigators say the suspects punched the owner in the face, knocking him right out of his sandals. According to police, the suspects tied him up with zip ties. Police say the suspects allegedly stole $50,000 worth of jewelry from cases and the store's safe. Police have now stepped up patrols in the area.

"You'll notice in the video, very distinct look for these two guys, one has fake tattoo sleeves, so we're hoping somebody can recognize this individual, recognize their mannerisms," explained. Lt. Stanford.

The same store owner was the victim of a home invasion robbery two years ago. His loyal customers are worried he may close up shop.

Police describe the first suspect as a White male, 5'7", 30-35 year-of-age, 145 lbs, thin oval face. His seen on the surveillance video wearing a dark colored hat, sunglasses, black & white plaid shirt, black pants, and black boots. The suspect is described as a White male, 5'8", 30-35 years-of-age, 145 lbs. According to the video, he was wearing a dark colored hat, sunglasses, all dark clothing, black boots. Police say this suspect is also wearing 'fake' tattoo sleeves.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact: South Detective Division 215-686-3353/3354 Det. Fields #731 DC 15-01-039477.