Police search for woman accused of using someone's identity to steal thousands of dollars

Police say a woman used someone else's identity to steal thousands of dollars. 

"Law enforcement often refers to them as a felony lane gang, or felony lane style crimes, where the victim will be targeted at parks, day care centers and gyms," Newtown Township Police detective Dan Bartle said.

Police in New Jersey and several southern states are now looking for the person, who they say broke into cars and stole personal items from several victims.

"The female suspect in this case appeared at bank branches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and was using the victim's stolen driver's license, credit cards and we believe wearing a blonde wig to mimic the appearance of the victim," Bartle said. 

According to police, the woman using the wig to try to look like the victim withdrew close to $10,000 from an account at several TD bank branches. Investigators believe she could be part of a bigger organized ring of thieves. 

Police now hope someone can call in a tip about this suspect with distinctive finger and wrist tattoos. They also strongly suggest that people don’t leave valuables or handbags in their cars. 

Anyone with information is asked to submit a tip or contact Detective Corporal Daniel Bartle at 215-579-1000, ext 288, or via email at danb@twp.newtown.pa.us.



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