Police Searching For 3 Suspects After Violent Cell Phone Robberies

Shocking surveillance video captured two cell phone robberies happening in two different Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Police say the two similar crimes happening only a few days apart are not related, but they are looking for at least 3 men behind the robberies.

The first incident happened on July 21st in the Point Breeze section of the city. A 14-year old girl was in the city for a family party, and was walking into a house around 16th and Ritner Streets when her phone was snatched out of her hands by a man who police believe was trolling the area for a victim.

A second, violent cell phone robbery happened on Sunday in southwest Philadelphia. In this case, a female victim was approached by two men who put a gun in her face, then demanded she hand over her cell phone and tell them her pass code before they took off. Police say this was a random and aggressive act.

Police say in both cases the victims were not physically hurt, just shaken.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.