Child found safe after being inside stolen car in West Philadelphia, police say

Authorities say a 4-year-old boy was asleep in the backseat of his father's car when it was stolen Monday night in West Philadelphia. 

The 2019 Honda CRV was left running on the 200 block of South 52nd Street while the boy's father brought something inside a nearby business.

That's when police say someone walking down the street with an 18-year-old jumped into the vehicle and drove away. The teen did not get into the car and instead told police information about the suspect.

The boy's father told investigators that there were two firearms in the center console of the stolen car. Police say the man has a permit to carry the guns.

Police found the child and the car about two hours later near the intersection of University Avenue and Curie Boulevard, two miles from where it was taken.

The child was safely reunited with his family while investigators swept the car for evidence. Police did not say if they recovered the firearms from inside the car.

No arrests were reported immediately following the car theft.