Police seek ID of man accused of following two girls at KOP Mall

Upper Merion Township police say they are looking for a man accused of following two young teenage girls for about an hour and a half inside the King of Prussia mall on a Saturday afternoon last month.

"It was clear to the girls that they were being followed and it's pretty clear on the video that they're being followed," Upper Merion Township Police Chief Thomas Nolan said.

No words were exchanged, but at times the man got close to the girls. And what's he carrying? Police say a bike helmet with a cloth inside it and possibly something else.

"It appears that he's trying to keep the bike helmet focused on their direction. That could imply there's some sort of recording device in the helmet." Chief Nolan said.

His motive is not known. One of the girls called called her mother who rushed to the mall and found a police officer. The man took off caught leaving in what appears to be a Ford Focus, according to police.

Anyone was information on his identity is asked to contact the Upper Merion Township Police at 610-265-3232.