Police seek suspicious pant-less man in New Jersey

What would a person do if they looked out the kitchen window to find a man in a ski mask looking in? What sounds like something out of a scary movie was a reality in Gloucester Township for one woman.

The ski mask and a coat was all the man was wearing, according to the woman. No underwear. No pants.

Police are looking for the man, with very few leads.

"It's disgraceful," said Andrea Spang. People are disgusted to hear a report from Gloucester Township Police that a woman reported a man standing outside her kitchen window around 11:30 Thursday night. Even more disturbing the woman told police he had nothing on underneath a black jacket he was wearing along with a ski mask over his face. Police say the woman told them she was sitting at her kitchen table when she saw him and she screamed. She says the man took off running after she screamed.

"We're very concerned but hopefully everything's going to be ok," said Spang. Those who live on Pinehurst Court in the Glen Eagles development in the Blackwood section of the township say what happened is very unusual for the area.

"Absolutely. We don't get stuff like that around here. No. And I've lived here for over 23 years," said Mindy and her husband Mark.

Police say they searched around but didn't find anyone fitting the description.

"It definitely concerns me. We don't need that around here that's for sure," said Mike Ackerman.

He was shocked to read about it on a neighborhood site that notifies residents of alerts from police.

"It's very family oriented in here and everybody watches out for each other and that's the nice part about it," said Ackerman.

Police say they haven't received any other reports of incidents like this in the area.