Police: Sex assault victim had arranged meeting on Tinder

There was fear and anger at the sprawling Lynnewood Garden Apartments complex off Cheltenham Avenue Tuesday night as word spread about a woman being sexually assaulted Monday night behind garages. Authorities now say she had arranged to meet someone there on social media.

Police say it happened around 7:30 p.m. when the woman was approached from behind near compound number six. Investigators say she was forced behind garages and sexually assaulted. Crime scene tape was still visible there Tuesday.

According to detectives, the victim had made arrangements to meet someone in the area on Tinder, a social media app.

Neighbors were shaken up. Resident Andrea Chambers has lived here for seven years with her family. She's out late some nights. Now, the thought of returning home after dark with the suspect still on the loose has her deeply concerned.

"I go out a lot and I come in late. I never would think--even though it be dark--I never would think out here," she said.

It was just last March when 35-year-old Tristian Jones was arrested for the stabbing death here of 31-year-old Eboney White and her unborn child in a domestic dispute, according to police. He faces two counts of first-degree murder with two violent attacks, Chambers believes more security is needed throughout the complex.

"There's no cameras at all. it's basically one little light at each apartment and that's it," Chambers explained.

Police say the suspect ran from the scene. The victim waited until he left and called 911. No further description of the suspect was released by police.