Police: Suspect that escaped from Burlington County Jail is in custody

Authorities in Burlington County New Jersey have confirmed that they have the inmate that escaped from Burlington County Jail in custody.

The escape occurred at the Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly around 8:30 a.m. while Willingboro Police were attempting to place the man in the jail.

The escapee has been identified as 28-year-old Michael Mimms.

Mimms was arrested earlier in the day by Willingboro Township Police officers for being a wanted person out of Delaware County.

Also, Mimms was charged with unlawfully possessing a handgun at the time of his arrest.

After the arrest process was completed, Mimms was transported to Burlington County Jail, but around 8:02 a.m. he managed to escape from the transporting officer and into the downtown area of Mount Holly, New Jersey.