Police: Teens arrested after disturbance at Philadelphia Mills Mall

Police say for a second night in a row a flash mob of young teenagers showed up at the Philadelphia Mills Mall, formerly Franklin mills, looking to create chaos.

According to police, 100 came last night and 200 tonight. Most arrived by SEPTA bus, but tonight, police were ready. Of the 200, most were turned away, but about 30 did get into the mall.

Police say three were arrested for disorderly conduct and one for allegedly trying to punch an officer.

This man, who asked not to be identified, says he saw the mayhem last night.

"Fights, multiple fights. Guys, girls, guys and girls. Phones being thrown, I seen them running through security, security had no chance. They were trying to keep them out of the mall, they just ran through," he explained.

What our camera caught as the scene was breaking up was a number of young boys on bikes, swerving in and out of traffic. But within an hour, most of the juveniles had left.