Police: Teens involved in fatal crash were responding to family emergency

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) -- Two teenagers have died and a third teen was injured following a crash in Northeast Philadelphia. Police say the teen driver was enroute to Temple Hospital to see his dad who was just robbed.

A quiet few moments of silence was held Friday night in honor of two lives tragically cut short.

19-year-old Osman Zeylnov and 17-year-old Maggie Goloff were both in the backseat of a Hyundai Sonata, racing down the Roosevelt Boulevard early this morning toward Temple University Hospital. They'd just learned that Osman's father was there. A pizza delivery man who was assaulted in a robbery attempt at gunpoint on Bristol Street an hour earlier.

The teens never made it the hospital. Witnesses say their car, driven by Osman's 18-year-old brother, flew through two intersections before t-boning a Ford Explorer.

Pastor Emile Stanton saw it happen.

"Blew past me and went right through the light at Rising Sun Avenue and then at the next light at Front Street. That's when the accident hit because he ran through that light as well," Pastor Stanton told FOX 29.

Close friends of Maggie's, a high school junior, tearfully visited the crash scene today.

"Maggie was a good girl. My daughter has been friends with her since 5 or 6," said Lisa Rogers. We were talking to her about a month ago. And she was going to come over for a week, and spend a week with her."

Meanwhile, close friends of Osman Zeylnov came together tonight to remember a young man.. who they say was always there for them.

Police say the drivers of the vehicles suffered minor injuries.