Police: Thief steals from children's section of Milton Library

Police tell FOX 5 a man caught on camera is no average bookworm: they said he is a thief responsible for hauling off $2,000 worth of items from the children's section of the Milton Library.

What's worse: police said two young girls, possibly teenagers, are seen helping him and another woman in video obtained by FOX 5.

DVDs, books and even furniture for children were all reported missing by the Milton Library.

"This is obviously not a great message to send to children," said Lt. Charles Barstow. "You're basically rubber-stamping it-- and saying it's okay," he said.

Police have identified the man as Ray White, and have warrants for his arrest. They said they have not identified the others in the video. Investigators said White was hired as part of the library's cleaning crew.

"It's the worst thing I could imagine. It's stealing from children," said Bob Meyers, who is on the board of the Friends of the Milton Library. The "Friends" sell books to raise funds for children's educational programs, story time sessions and any needed supplies.

The Milton Library is still working to replace stolen items and supplies. Anyone that would like to help is asked to call the Friends of the Milton Library at 770-992-2280, or visit their website: miltonlibraryfriends.org/contact-us