Police: Woman Fondles Strangers, Breaks Into an Elderly Resident's Home to Play Cards

SOUTH CAROLINA-(INSIDE EDITION)-A South Carolina woman is accused of fondling strangers in a store and breaking into a home to play cards with the victim, according to police.

Annetta Brewton, 46, was arrested for kidnapping, burglary, shoplifting, and indecent exposure, according to reports.

Police said she walked into a local grocery store and attempted to shoplift several steaks by sticking them up her skirt.

She then walked into a different store in the same shopping center and started fondling customers and asking them for money, according to witnesses. She was asked to leave but refused and as WSPA.com reports, she pulled down her pants and exposed herself while cursing.

As if the story wasn't strange enough, it took yet another twist when police said Brewton ran out of the store, down the street and broke into the home of an elderly woman, where she locked the door and said they weren't going anywhere because the police were outside.

She also told the elderly woman that she wanted to play cards.

Once cops arrived, Brewton refused to leave the elderly woman's home because she said she was using the woman's toilet and wouldn't pull up her pants, police said.After police were finally able to get her into custody, police said Brewton kicked the back window of a patrol car.

She remains in custody at the Spartanburg County Detention Center in lieu of $25,470 bond.