Police: Woman loses finger in Frankford brawl

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police are investigating a brawl which ended with one woman's fingers being bitten off.

"The girl just kept hitting. Her sister just kept hitting the girl," said witness Gwendolyn Fasset.

That's the way witnesses described the all-out brawl between two young women Tuesday morning that started in a backyard and ended on a street corner with one of the female brawlers getting her index finger bitten off.

"Her and my sister had words. She swung. She slapped her first, then she scratched my sister. Her and my sister got to fighting," said one woman.

It was just after 11 a.m. when fire rescue and police responded to Penn and Bridge Streets where they found the 20-year-old victim with her finger bitten off. She was raced to a local hospital and then Temple University Hospital where doctors tried to re-attach the finger.

One woman asked not to be identified, but her sister was one of the female fighters taken in for questioning, She said it started with an argument over money.

SEPTA was checking cameras on buses that pull out looking for video of the fight. One witness says it turned into a knock down, drag out fight..

"The girl stuck her hand in my sister's mouth trying to scratch my sister's jaw, so in the process my sister bit her finger because her hand was in her mouth," the sister said.

Police took the woman's sister to Northeast Detectives to be questioned. Detectives were still talking to both sides in the fight to determine if charges should be filed.

No word on the woman's condition at this time.