Police: Woman pushed from truck, run over in Kensington

Philadelphia police are on the hunt for the driver of the silver Ford F-150 that is missing a tailgate. Police say the driver pushed a woman out of the truck on the 3000 block of Frankford Avenue.

After she was pushed out of the truck, the woman was killed after being struck by a Dodge Challenger that was traveling behind the truck.

Homicide investigators are looking for the two vehicles with two different drivers.

"Her head looked like it was bashed in," said Courtney, a resident in the neighborhood.

It was a gruesome sight in the early hours of Sunday, December 10.

Courtney woke up to police lights right outside her door. Then she saw the body.

"She was out there for a while cause her shoe was frozen in the snow," Courtney said.

Investigators say it was just before two in the morning when a witness saw someone in a silver Ford F-150 truck push a young woman out of the pickup and into the middle of the street. Then, the car behind it, a black Dodge Challenger, ran the woman over. Both vehicles left the scene. Police were there within minutes, but there was little they could do as there was too much trauma to her head. Medics pronounced the woman dead right there in the roadway.

"It's just senseless. A waste of life," said Michael, a resident of the neighborhood.

"They don't have any respect," said another resident.

People who live here are upset and scared. They're used to violence, but this, they say, takes on another layer of callousness.

Police say the woman was in her thirties. Found lying partially in the snow, logged by authorities as a Jane Doe for now. Late Sunday, the only sign of her tragic death were ribbons of police tape tied around the scene. But, neighbor Michael says he won't forget and hopes for justice.

"My heart goes out to her family. Right before Christmas. I just can't believe it," Michael said.