Police: Woman raped, forced to jump naked into frigid Anacostia River

A woman says she was forced to take off her clothes and sexually assaulted before being told to jump into the frigid waters of the Anacostia River Tuesday night.

According to a D.C. police report, a woman told police she was in her car in the 3200 block of Buena Vista Terrace SE at around 10 p.m., just blocks away from D.C. police Seventh District Station.

Police say a man with a gun opened the rear passenger door, got inside and forced the woman to drive to the rear of that area, where she was sexually assaulted and raped.

According to the U.S. Park Police, the woman said she actually kept her cell phone after being told to disrobe and jump into the river. Authorities say the temperature of the water was about 40 degrees Tuesday night.

The report says the gunman forced the woman to drive to Anacostia Park, where he forced her out of the car and into the river.

Police say with her cell phone still in her hand, and working, the woman was able to call 911, which brought a D.C. fire boat and other equipment, along with U.S. Park police to the edge of the river, where they found the victim in the water.

She was able to get their attention by using the flashlight on her cell phone.

Investigators say they were able to get her out of the water fairly quickly, and she was taken to a nearby hospital.

At this point, we've been unable to determine her condition at this point, whether or not she's still in the hospital.

The woman's Toyota Camry is also still missing, according to police.