Police: Woman steals package from porch in Langhorne

Police say a woman stole a package from a home in Langhorne and they believe she isn't working alone.

A Nest video doorbell camera shows the woman with a cigarette in her mouth, shorts, flip flops and a T-shirt proclaiming her 'Queen of the Night.'

"I guess that was her choice of attire for the evening," Middletown Township Detective Lt. Steve Forman said.

Police say she appears to be walking with three or four other people with one pushing what looks to be a stroller when they come upon the house with the package. The resident happened to be out of town when the alleged porch pirate took no time moving and swiping what could have been a real steal. However, police say it was $20 worth of hampster's bedding. Police shared the video on social media.

"Within about two hours, the names started coming in through Facebook, Crimewatch and tip line," Lt. Forman explained. "Reaching 41,000 people over a 12-hour period. That's huge."

Police say they ran the name and the picture and realized they know the woman.

"We've had contacts with her in the past," Lt. Forman said.

According to police, they aren't releasing the 23-year-old woman's name.