Police: Woman taunted on bus, attacked by teens on street in Mayfair

Police are investigating after a woman was allegedly attacked on her way home from work in Mayfair.

Officials say the incident started on a SEPTA bus and spilled onto the street when the woman got off a SEPTA bus at Frankford and Magee.

"I cross the street at Magee and see these girls following me. I turned around and said really you're going to follow me home. I said I don't want to fight you, I'm a mother, I'm older than you. You're in high school, I have a baby at home," Tori told FOX 29.

Tori spoke to FOX 29, the blood cleaned off of her mouth, the swelling subsiding on her lip. She said she encountered the group of high school girls on the bus. They exchanged a few words and when she got off, they continued to taunt her and followed her. There was at least one witness, a salesman from Rolls Auto.

"I figured something is going to happen and it's going to escalate," Joe Famularo explained to FOX 29.

He watched the teens follow Tori down the street from the car lot.

"I literally sprinted as fast as I could. I figured something was going to happen and that's when the four girls finish their business with her and she was on the ground. Her mouth was bloody. They took up, they took off up the road," Joe said.

"The one snuck me from behind," Tori said. "All the girls, and I said really, you're going to hit me? I don't want to have no problem and they all ganged up on me."

Tori noted she saw one recording the attack on a cellphone before the group ran away.

"The one girl did record it. She was laughing while recording it saying, 'That's what you get for messing with my friend.'"

Police showed up after witnesses called 911. Tori was treated for her facial injuries at the hospital. Investigators are looking for surveillance video from SEPTA and the neighborhood.

"It is sad that it happens and then they think they can get away with it," Joe said. "And unfortunately, if nothing's done, they'll keep getting away with it."