Pop singer Natasha Bedingfield to perform at Pennsbury High School's prom

Natasha Bedingfield, best known for her hit single "Unwritten," will perform at Pennsbury High School's senior prom this weekend.

The British-born performer joins an impressive list of notable acts that performed at Pennsbury High School's prom, including John Mayer and QuestLove.

We are beyond excited to welcome Natasha Bedingfield to our prom this year," Principal Reggie Meadows said. "Her engaging stage presence and uplifting
music will surely add an extraordinary touch to the festivities."

Pennsbury's ‘80s themed prom last year was named Best Prom in America by Reader’s Digest. The school set a Guinness World Record at their prom in 2019 for "most lipstick kiss prints on a mural.

The "enchanted environments" themed prom will be held this Saturday. It will be preceded by a Prom Arrival Parade that starts at 5 p.m.