Powerball jackpot soars to $500 million

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) "How many did we get? 10 dollars worth. So hopefully we will be a big winner tonight," said Danielle Posten.

It's the last rush of people hoping for a stroke of luck.

"I dont get them all at once. I get them one by one because I feel when u get them all at once all the numbers are the same," laughed Irene Stamper.

Wednesday night's powerball jackpot: $500 million. It kept a 7-Eleven in Cherry Hill busy all night.

"Do you guys get excited about this? Alittle bit but not too much. It's alot of work," said Abdul Chaudhry who works at the store.

"I went in with my school pool and also got separate tickets," said Betsy Turgeon.

Most were already making plans for the cash.

"I will help out my church, buy a new home and I will help my friends," said Oscar Alvarez.

Others were having fun with the craze not taking their chance of winning too serious.

"If I win 500 million there's a 20 dollar bill in it for you," joked John Roi.