PPA announces amnesty program eliminating tickets before 2013

If you know the Philadelphia Parking Authority--you know they are tough and aggressive. And they like to hand out those dreaded blue and white envelopes. Well, we have some very good news for parking scofflaws starting Thursday the city will start ripping up old parking tickets.

Sean Pashley had better put money in the meter that's because over the years he's seen his share of these blue and white beauties.

"I've had a few grand worth at least," he told FOX 29.

But don't do a thing before you pay that old parking ticket.

"It will allow all parking tickets that people received before 2013 to be wiped out," said city council member Jannie Blackwell.

City council announced a big break for parking scofflaws--an amnesty program where the PPA will eliminate all parking tickets before 2013. But there is a catch, you must first sign up with for the program online starting Thursday. Also, all current tickets from 2013 to 2018 must be paid in full or set up a 2 year payment plan.

The new rule will mostly help those who are way behind like Sandra Gethers. FOX 29 showed you a couple months ago how she got boot on her car for an unpaid ticket from 1993.

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The move by the city comes after a city audit showed since 2012 the PPA has failed to collect more than 77 million dollars in outstanding penalties and fees that could have gone to city schools.

For some like Sean Pashley--the nice gesture is a little too late.

"It makes me sad that I paid all my tickets because I could have made out on that deal."