Pregnancy Timelapse Video with 2,000 Photos Goes Viral

Mark and Brittany Sherman are at it again. After their first pregnancy timelapse video went viral, they decided to do it all over when they found out baby number two was on the way.

Their first pregnancy video was released in January 2014, to document the arrival of their first daughter, Zoey, born in December 2013. It immediately went viral and became an Internet sensation.

The couple gave viewers a glimpse into their second pregnancy journey through another viral YouTube video, leading up to the birth of daughter Grace Evangeline Sherman on Oct. 19.

This time lapse video uses 2,000 photos strung together, including footage of the family's trip from Africa to the Netherlands to California, along the way.

The Shermans are originally from California, but currently live and work in Tanzania, Africa. They wanted to travel back to America for the baby's delivery. The couple, along with their 22-month-old daughter Zooey, had an incredible journey--with 2,000 pictures to prove it.