Pretty as a Christmas card, snowy Delco hunkers down to ride out Nor'easter

Snow in Delaware County makes a picture perfect Christmas card, but the reality for folks is the task of preparing and then staying home to watch the snow fall, content in knowing they are as prepared as possible.

Swarthmore Hardware has served the college community for decades.

“Everyone in town shops here. Lots of folks have accounts. They come and go, all on a first name basis. It’s good,” said Steve Devaney, with the store.

And, when the snow flies, so do the shovels and supplies, right off the shelves or the displays out front. Ice melt is a hot commodity.

“We had a bunch left over from last year, because we never had a significant storm. But, we’re selling out of that now,” Devaney added.

When the first flakes appeared in the early afternoon, county officials began to think about the rush hour ahead.

Commuters and snow fall are the perfect storm.

“Snow falling at rush hour is the worst time we can expect it. People get on the road, forgetting what it’s like to drive in snow and we get calls for lots of accidents,” Emergency Services Director Tim Boyce stated.

Delco closed its courthouse and government center at 2 in the afternoon.

Even in the snow, the pandemic is a concern as officials weighed how to handle outdoor COVID testing.

“The safety of our people doing the tests is impacted. We recognize if we delay the tests, people are delayed getting results,” Boyce continued.

State police say they have stepped up patrols and urge motorists to clear their vehicles of snow. They advise those who must travel, to do so cautiously and do not speed.

“Ask you to stay home, but ask you drive slowly if you go out. If you become stranded, stay with your vehicle until help arrives,” Trooper Jessica Tobin, with the Pennsylvania State Police advised.



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