Proposed Ordinance Would Limit Hours for Businesses

Pleasantville, N.J. (WTXF) "The store is open 24 hours. It's not a good idea to stop the timing of the store," said
Mohammed Shardar who wrote a letter and collected more than 500 signatures to take to city officials. Pleasantville City Council is proposing an ordinance that would limit hours stores in the central business district can stay open.

"Nightshift from 8pm to 2am is my main business. I make most of the money then," said Shardar. He says his store, Kings Food Market on Main Street would be the only one affected because it's open 24-hours. He says most other businesses already close by 9. The ordinance which Shardar says restricts them to closing at 11pm would cute into his profit which he says is its highest in the overnight hours.

"I cannot pay my mortgage with the tax on the business and one of my sons is going to college. He's going to medical school and his dream will be shattered," said Shardar. He says city officials cited safety reasons for the proposed ordinance. He admits his store has been robbed before but says that was several years ago and claims the only problem is loitering in the parking lot. He has a security guard on duty after 6pm.

"All over the city is a problem like the last five years people get killed and shot in Pleasantville. Not one incident happened here. Not one," he said.

While the signatures he collected from customers supporting the store staying open late, resident Darchelle Rivera feels differently.

"I think they should close like 9 or 9:30pm because if I walk around there to get something with my niece and daughter it's a lot of people sitting on the stoop outside the store," said Rivera.

Meanwhile, Shardar plans to attend a council meeting October 19th to ask for a waiver from the ordinance.
It has not yet been passed.