Prosecutors release bodycam footage of Kauffman standoff, arrest

Body-worn camera footage released by prosecutors shows the entire standoff that resulted from a search warrant being served last year at the office of a doctor now accused of hiring a hitman to kill his wife.

The June 13, 2017, early-morning encounter outside Dr. James Kauffman's medical office led to a more-than-half-hour barricade situation and then his arrest on weapons and obstruction charges.

The bodycam footage, posted Tuesday to YouTube by the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, shows Kauffman answering the door at his office for a detective.

But when the detective tells Kauffman "just stay right here for me" and "keep your hands up," the doctor appears to pull gun, hold it to himself and respond, "No, no, I'm killing myself."

The video shows the detective trying unsuccessfully to stop Kauffman from rushing back into his endocrinology office.

Then, as authorities draw weapons outside, Kauffman comes to the front door again. Officers say they only have a search warrant, tell him to drop the weapon and talk with them.

But Kauffman tells them several time that's "bulls---," says, "I don't believe it," adds, "No, I'm not going to jail for this," then repeats his threat to kill himself.

As Kauffman retreats outside, police take cover behind vehicles in the parking lot. The doctor emerges twice more, is urged to look at the search warrant placed on the ground, then stays inside for some time as police watch windows and doors for movement and call for more support.

The nearly 56 minutes of footage show the standoff lasting until the doctor - directed by authorities with rifles drawn and shouting directions over a bullhorn - comes outside and is taken into custody.

Kauffman later speaks to police and gets placed into an ambulance.

He has been behind bars ever since.

Authorities said at the time the search was unrelated to their investigation into the 2012 murder of Kauffman's wife, April.

Then, earlier this month, Kauffman was charged with hiring a hitman to kill her. Prosecutors say it happened after the popular radio host threatened to divorce Kauffman and expose an opioid pill mill he was allegedly operating out of his medical office with the Pagan's Motorcycle Club.

Four other defendants also face charges in the case.

Kauffman appeared in court last week for a detention hearing.

The FBI and local police executed the June search warrant at both Kauffman's business and his residence.

The video footage put out Tuesday by the prosecutor's office is longer than a clip that was played during a court hearing last year and released at that time.