Protesters take the streets of Philadelphia just one day ahead of DNC

The convention starts tomorrow - the protesters start today - thousands marched through the streets of Philadelphia representing political causes, fighting, they say, for free democracy.

"Our government works for people on K Street and Wall Street it no longer represents that and that's what we're trying to change."

This man and his girlfriend Jennifer Friedrich of Massachusetts say they spent the last couple of months creating these signs and banners pledging their support to Bernie Sanders and inviting others to sign on to their campaign.

"We need to get democracy back and get people involved at every level."

Waffles T. Clown from Brooklyn, NY said, "They sent me to represent the delegation of rats and say take back the country America from these politicos."

From Sanders supporters to clean energy pioneers.

Ray Kemble said, "Well that's our well water from Dimock, PA - it went horribly wrong after fracking."

All of these people came to Dilworth Park in a heat wave with purpose.

For the many police officers biking and patrolling the perimeters of City Hall and stationed across Center City street corners - their focus is safety.

Our cameras were rolling as this man from DC recognized the Philadelphia Police Dept. for its friendly and professional disposition.

"I'm just so pleased for the way you guys are handling yourselves."

A positive exchange to kickoff what will be a busy, eventful and historic week in Philadelphia.