The Pub, Pennsauken's iconic restaurant, is closing for renovations

It’s been a mainstay of the South Jersey dining scene for more than 70 years. Now The Pub in Pennsauken is closing.

But, not for good.

The restaurant is undergoing a face-lift and the owners say the restaurant will be back and better than ever.

There are customers who have been coming for decades.

"How long have you been coming here?" asked FOX 29’s Steve Keeley.

"55 years," replied customer Patrick Meredith.

"How long have you worked here," Keeley asked General Manager Angel Molina.

"42 years," Molina answered.

Molina started at the bottom in 1981, eventually rising to the top spot of GM. "Starting when I was 18, starting as a dishwasher. I worked every single position in this place. So that motivated me just to stay in the business and just keep going."

And, still, each day there are first-time customers, like Frances Dono, who treated her whole staff to a team-building dinner.

"It’s huge. It’s massive. There’s a lot going on. But, I’ve heard great things," she said. "It’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside."

Every first-time customer seems to become a long-time repeat customer.

"You have a history of coming here," Keeley asked one couple.

"Yes, we do come here, special events, holidays," the husband replied.

"What’s tonight’s event," Keeley continued.

"It’s my 30th anniversary. Wedding anniversary," the husband answered.

Meredith, a life-long customer, stated, "My parents used to bring us here every two weeks. This used to be a really hopping place for people my parents’ age."

Part owner, Stevie Logotheyis, explained, "We’re actually closing on the outside. Nothing is changing on the inside."

Keeley asked her, "When customers come in, are they all worried that something is gonna change?"

"Yes, everyone is commenting on how much they do not want anything to change in the building. They just wanna come back and just see it as it is."