Pumped up Eagles fans are in Minnesota ahead of Super Bowl LII

It didn't take long to find Eagles fans in Minneapolis. Many were on the plane with the FOX 29 team coming out a week early to take in the Super Bowl festivities. It's official - the Eagles have landed.

Fresh off the plane the Birds buses arrived at Super Bowl Hotel at Minnesota's Mall of America.

"Let's go Birds! This is your year!" yelled a fan.

Of course there were many fans out to greet them on their arrival.

"For the Eagles fans, we're bursting at the seams right now," said another excited fan.

"This is amazing watching the best team in the NFL get off the bus in my hometown to take home the Super Bowl," said fan Michael Gant.

Gant is from Cherry Hill but lives in Minnesota and bleeds green in the great north.

"I am 34-years-old and I got idols younger than me walking off the bus right there," Gant said.

Players were all business on this business trip. Aric Washburn and his daughter were hoping for a Super Bowl autograph. They drove 5 hours from Carson Wentz's home town to see their new favorite team.

:What makes a North Dakota fan an Eagles fan? Well, when you bring the best of North Dakota to Pennsylvania, you get made an Eagle fan," stated Washburn.

Susan Gingrich is originally from Delaware County. She's a transplant Eagles fan who couldn't be happier.

"I'm really excited to see them come here and they're going to get it done. I know they are," Gingrich said. "Nothing is going to bring down these colors right here. We are going to fly all the way."