'Queen Sugar' actress Tina Lifford joins Good Day to discuss inspiring new book

Actress Tina Lifford's role as 'Aunt Vi' on the hit show, Queen Sugar, which airs on "Own" network, keeps people talking.

A woman of many talents, Tina is also an author. Her new book, "The Little Book of Big Lie: A Journey Into Inner Fitness" is an "illuminating guide to true self care."

Tina Lifford joined Good Day to tell FOX 29 more about her book and offered five tips to how you can do to live a real and authentic life in 2020. 

Those tips included:

—— Buy a journal to record thoughts, progress, and ideas. 
—— Add the phrases "up until now" and "from this point forward" to your thinking and conversations. 
—— Make 2020 your year of growth.
—— Adopt a "who's to say what is good or bad' mindset
—— Spontaneously say "thank you" and other words of praise and gratitude out loud and often


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